Thursday, December 18, 2014

Splash of Color

Fall is definitely my favorite season minus the allergy ^_^ Hubby took this photo and thought this is a beautiful reflection the beauty outside is so vivid inside you cannot help but just stare the beauty.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014


I so love this orchid because my mother love this one too. I think she had one like this but not as so detailed in the petals but the color is the same. If only we do not have winter I for sure would plant orchids.

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My Red Dress

Attended a party last Saturday and we had a blast. I bought a dress from Nordstrom a red one and a gold high heel shoes. Well, since the collar has embellishment already and my shoes is gold I choose to be minimal with my accessories so not to over do my beautiful dress ^_^. To add with the attire (I cheat sorry ^-^) I open my Christmas present because I saw it at the bottom of the Christmas tree an MK bag hehe. And hubby, he just smile and say nothing as long as he see me happy he is okay with it. So good feeling to be a spoiled wife ^_^

Okay, ladies say something. I just found out that to choose the right color of dress and make up you've got to know your skin tone and it so happen mine is warm. So how is my attire and make up is it okay? Let me know!!!

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